SECA Survey

Andy Sneddon

Director | Chief Surveyor

Andy began his career in Survey in 2002, initially doing land and record survey for English Heritage on ancient churches and similar. It was during this time he learnt that accurate measured Survey suited his exacting eye for detail. He decided that learning about more technical aspects of Surveying was of great interest to him and therefore began studying a degree in Civil Engineering (a common path in UK). The broad spectrum of information on this degree opened up a world of opportunity to work in multiple disciplines.

Upon finishing University, Andy setup his own company and worked freelance, for several contractors throughout the UK. From small groundworks companies to huge multinational construction megaliths. After weathering the Global Financial Crisis in the UK, Andy decided to chase the mining dollar in Australia. The scale of the mining jobs, are as big as any project possible, essentially building cities in the desert. Finally, Andy decided to settle down and began a family in New Zealand and has been working locally for several years. Starting out on a small sub-division before quickly being transferred onto several of NZ’s highest profile buildings in Auckland. This includes Sky City Hotel for Fletchers Construction, The International for Dominion Constructors (NZ’s most expensive real restate) and The Pacifica for Icon Co (NZ’s tallest apartment block at 57 stories).

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