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We are at the cutting edge of construction surveying technologies, with experience in all forms of concrete / steel / timber and all other hybrid construction methods. Whether its jump form, slip form, or simple brick and block, we have the experience. From piling through foundations, slab grids, and vertical control, we will ensure your build is perfect in every dimension. The team have worked on several of New Zealand’s highest profile skyscrapers and medium towers. Structural, Mechanical and Piping surveying is the most intricate, sub millimeter work of any survey discipline. There are very few Surveyors in NZ who have any experience in this field. We take great pride in our wealth of experience in this highly technical form of surveying.


From footpaths and earthworks through to multi lane highways and heavy industrial machine rails with millimetre tolerances; we have the civil engineering backgrounds to manage any project you require.

With experience of Major infrastructure projects throughout New Zealand, United Kingdom, and Australia. Civils survey is at the foundation of the built environment. Whether it’s a simple pipe, or a complicated pumping station, we have been there in the trenches and built them from the ground up (and down).
We will assist any project with quantities and ensure claims are delivered on time and to the highest accuracy.


The team have built some of the best control networks in Auckland, that have taken work from below the ground right up to the clouds. We also manage and maintain these networks, so they stand the test of time. Understanding what information our clients need is an important aspect of all audit and monitoring solutions. Often data need to be filtered down so that the key elements are understood by all parties. We communicate information clearly and concisely cutting through the usual unnecessary volume of data. Often it pays to have third party checks when there are differences of opinion on any site. We carry this out with complete professionalism, working with all parties concerned, to ensure that projects are delivered accurately.


And finally, the key aspect of most surveying practices, Land Survey. This remains at the heart of most Survey companies throughout the world and cannot be ignored.

We have decades of experience in this area, which is at the heart of all survey practices.

We will assist you with determining property corners and defining property outlines of any given parcel of land.

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